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-7 December 2007 – Mr.D.Zmeyev participated in the programme of «Teatral” organization, dedicated to the Award for highest acknowledgement ceremony (Moscow)

-29 October 2007 – Mrs.I.Iskorostenskaia and Mr.D.Zmeyev participated in the programme at the House of Russian government (“Belyi Dom”, Moscow)

-9 October 2007 – Premier of “Shrishti” ballet (Theatre “Hermitaj”, Moscow)

-30 August 2007 – “Chakkar” dance school, led by Ms.E.Seliverstova participated in Gala-concert in the frame of the festival: “The sun shines for everybody” (International house of Music, Moscow)

-July 2007 – “Chakkar” dance school, led by Ms.E.Seliverstova  and Indian Dance theatre “Tarang”, leader Mr.A.Nigam participated in the celebration: “Day of Tver city” (Tver, Russia)

-June 2007 – All dance schools of “Nritya Sabha” participated in Summer Bazaar (Embassy of India, Moscow)

-25 May-6 June 2007 – Ms.T.Nazarova conducted workshops in Armenian State Dance Ensemble “Barekamutyun”. Also she gave lecture-demonstration in State college of choreography (Yerevan, Armenia)

-27 March 2007 – Participation in the “Shivratri” ballet (Gubkin House of culture, Moscow)

-24 March-18 April 2007 – Workshops by outstanding performer and teacher in Bharatanatyam dance Mr.Panga Thodi Narendran from Chennai, India. P.T.Narendran and “Nritya Sabha” artists and students performed the “Shreengara” ballet, choreographed by P.T.Narendran (Theatre “Romen”, Moscow)


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