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Reply #25 on : 15.11.2011 01:53:18
Re:Hello Dear Manisha, thanks a lot for your wishes. Welcome for all our programs!

Reply #23 on : 27.10.2011 12:00:42
Hello Happy Diwali to all! I am new to Moscow and I found your information on a poster on at the DOUMYP theater and am eager to see the performance as advertised!

Reply #22 on : 13.10.2011 22:58:27
Commtnts Thanks a lot!

Reply #24 on : 05.09.2011 06:14:33
Re: Comments Hi Irina! This has reference to the video upload of Shri P T Narendran's latest performance at the Nritya Sabha on 7th June, 2011. It was as fabulous as ever! Thanks for the video!

Reply #19 on : 20.01.2011 17:34:26
Wishes!! Thanks for your wishes! I also wish you very happy new year! We organize not only Bharatanatyam workshops but also Odissi with Sujata Mahopatra, Kuchipudi (Sailaja and Musalikanthi Kishor), Kathak (Prerana Shrimali). But since you are in India, you are so lucky you can attend all workshops there itself. Thanks that you find time to write the comments.

Reply #18 on : 18.01.2011 12:34:00
wishes!! Dear Irina Happy New year to you and all of your friends there in Nritya Sabha! Thank you very much for letting me know about the workshop. I live in India, and I am afraid I may not be able to attend. Nevertheless, I hope to see glimpses of the same through the videos you upload. I love them. Thank you. Are these workshops only for bharathanatyam dancers? Irina, my best wishes to you and your friends! Keep up the good work!!

Reply #20 on : 09.11.2010 23:55:50
Re: Shri PT Narendran's lec-dem Thank you Geetha for your comments. Shri P.T. Narendran is a really excellent dancer! He is coming to Moscow in June 2011. You can join his workshop if you are in Moscow.

Reply #21 on : 08.11.2010 18:37:34
Shri P T Narendran's lec-dem Excellent! Quite a treat to watch! Thank You!

Reply #17 on : 23.06.2010 03:06:33
Re: Comments Thank you very much!

Reply #16 on : 07.05.2010 16:27:12
Re: Comments Excellent performance. Pohval?nyi?!

Reply #15 on : 28.03.2010 23:53:30
site Really GOOD!

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