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The Sanskrit word Kathaka means a narrator or a story-teller. The term “Kathak”, therefore, can be explained as “Kathan Kare so Kathak Kahaye” (those who tells the story).
Kathak was born as the narrative tradition of the village minstrels who sang the ancient legends. The tradition of such rhapsodists must have been older than the age of “Ramayana”. During the medieval time it evolved as a spiritual dance form in North India and, with the onset of the Muslim rule, danced its way into royal courts. Therefore, one can see the devotional Kathak as well as the dazzling court dance. It thus developed in two different milieus - one represented by the Hindu courts of Rajasthan, mainly Jaipur, and the other by Muslim courts of Lucknow.  This wonderful and yet spontaneous dance form reveals the poetry, the spiritual ethos of its roots, and equally, India’s composite Hindu-Muslim heritage.

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