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Samanvaya Dance School

The dance school


started admition of students!

The dance classes are to be conducted by the professional dancer who has graduated from the national institute of Kathak - "Kathak Kendra" (Delhi, India) - Tatiana Nazarova.

"The "Samanvaya" dance school is the experimental trend developed on the combination of basic elements of classical Kathak and other various Indian dances. My long-term experience which I got in India and in Russia has convinced me that there is big enough group of people which are very much interested in studying the Indian dances, but due to some reasons cannot devote it a lot of time. Basically these are people of middle age. Their full time jobs, care of families, certain health problems - all it interferes with successful study of the very complicated Indian dance technique (first of all, classical and folk). To such group of people I suggest to learn simple movements systematically chosen from rich and extraordinary versatile palette of the Indian dances. Executing them in slow and average tempo (and for more advanced students - in fast speed) you gradually "will tune" your body (and mind!) to perform new and unusual movements.

Believe it will give you absolutely surprising feeling of ease, cheer you up and to certain degree allow you to overcome a problem of our time - "sedentary life"!"

The dance classes are to be conducted in the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center (JNCC), Indian Embassy, Vorontsovo Polye, 9 (metro “Kurskaia)

  Thursday: 19.15 - 20.45

  Saturday: 10.30-12.00




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