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  • 24th of March 2004, the dance schools of "Nritysa Sabha" Foundation ("Natyashrama" & "Natya Rekha") presented Bharatanatyam concert at the House of Culture (VVC) at the Russian Expo Center more

  • 9th of February 2006, at D.P. Dhar Hall, Embassy of India, “Nritya Sabha” Foundation presented lecture-demonstration on Bharatanatyam by eminent performer and choreographer - Panga Thodi Narendran (Chennai, India) more

  • 23rd of October, 2006 at "Hermitage" theater with Javaharlal Nehru Cultural Center of Indian Embassy, the "Nritya Sabha" foundation presented "Das Avatar" dance production - 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. more

  • 18th of April 2007 at “Romen” theater (Moscow), Nritya Sabha Foundation with Javaharlal Nehru Cultural Center (JNCC) and Information and Press Wing of Indian Embassy in Russian Federation presented concert of eminent Bharatanatyam performer Panga Thodi Narendran (Chennai, India). Featuring - Bharatanatyam solo items by Shree P.T. Narendran in the first part of the concert and presentation of dance drama “Shringara” in the second part. Choreography and main part by Shree P.T. Narendran with participation of “Nritya Sabha” artists and "Sarasvathi" dance group. more

  • On 5-th of February 2008 at Theater on Malaya Bronnaya “Nritya Sabha” Foundation presented a concert of Indian classical music and dance. Embassy of India gave a financial support to the event. Chief Guest of the programme was Ambassador of India Mr.Prabhat Shukla. Director of JNCC Mr.Abhai Thakur and other senior officers of the Mission also presented. In the first part of the concert audience enjoyed a musical composition by unique orchestra of different Indian drums, performed by JNCC teachers. It was followed by dance choreographies in Mohiniattam, Bhartanatyam, Odissi and Kathak styles. More than 500 people witnessed the event. more

  • 7 th of June 2011 "Nritya Sabha" Foundation with big success presented Bharatanatyam lecture-demonstration by P.T.Narendran(JNCC-Embassy of India in Moscow) more

  • The 3rd Moscow Indian Dance Competition, held on 15-18 October, 2009, went very successfully. 135 participants took part in 17 nominations: in Classical, Folk, Fusion and Bollywood categories as solo, duet and group performances. The competition was held among adults and children. Mainly, participants were from Moscow as well as from Saint Petersburg, Apatite, Petrozavodsk, Novosibirsk, and Krasnodar. Few participants came from neighboring countries, such as Ukrain, Belorussia, Azerbaijan. One dancer was from France. We are happy that, young dancers from India successfully participated in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Bollywood nominations (Arunima Singh took second prize in Kuchipudi dance; Laxmi Rangunathan took part in Bharatnatyam nomination, Sheih Ridi and “Abhinaya” group in Bollywood dance). It is important to say, that this dance competition would not be possible without support of Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Moscow. more

  • 13th of May 2010, "Nritya Sabha" Foundation has conducted Lecture - demonstration of eminent Bharatanatyam performer - Panga Thodi Narendran (D.P.Dhar Hall) more

  • 11th of November 2010, the "Nritya Sabha" Foundation and Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Center (Embassy of India) presented a new dance project "Sanskriti Sagar" . This project was dedicated to the International Student's Day and was supported by ICCR (India, Delhi). The major choreographer of this project: Shree Raghav Raj Bhat; Russian choreographers: Irina Iskorostenskaia, Tatiana Nazarova, Dmitriy Zmeyev, Nadejda Kovriga, Irina Strahovanko, Vitalina Lobach. more

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