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Anna Apostolova

Anna Apostolova – performer, teacher and choreographer

of Indian classical dance in Bharatanatyam style, Indian folk and pop dance.


In the early childhood, she got a great interest in Indian dance, traditions and customs of this marvelous country. In the 1990-s she got captured by stage life: plays, dance numbers in the Center of Indian culture in Minsk (Belarus) and also participation in Indian holidays and festivals held in Russia

 and Ukraine. Anna has started her serious Bharatanatyam studies at the studio “Indivara” (Minsk). Since 2003 she was chief and choreographer of the “Krishna dance” dance team. The audience remembers performances of young dancers along with musical band “Gauranga”in the concert of a legendary group “London beat” in Vitebsk, international festival “Slavyanski bazar”, charity shows and club programs.

In 2004 Anna Apostolova started to master Kalakshetra-style (style of Bharatanatyam performance) under the guidance of Svetlana Barkoun – alumni of Institute of Fine Arts “Kalakshetra”.

In the year of 2005, she moved to Moscow and till 2013 has being studied Bharatanatyam and Indian folk dance at the Сultural Сenter of Indian Embassy in Moscow, JNCC under the guidance of the leading masters – Irina Iskorostenskaya and Nadezhda Kovriga.

Workshops of famous masters of Bharatanatyam from India contributed to her professional growth: 2008 – workshop of Jolsana Menon, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – workshops of Panga Thodi Narendran. In 2012 Anna honed her skills in Chennai (state Tamil Nadu, India, refresher course) with Nandini Nagaraj - acknowledged pedagogue of Institute of National Importance of India “Kalakshetra”. During 2008-2013 she was taking active part in dance projects of Nritya Sabha foundation - “Sanskriti Sagar”, concerts of Panga Thodi Narendran in 2011 and 2012, and also in numerous solo and group performances of Natyashrama dance school of Irina Iskorostenskaya.

Anna Apostolova – prizewinner of all-Russian competitions in Indian classical Bharatanatyam dance in solo and duo nominations and also in Indian folk dance in group nomination. Since 2013 she has been studying yoga, chi kung, kinesiology and eastern psychology that makes her a multi-skilled specialist.

Since 2016 she is giving individual and group classes on different directions of Indian dance, yoga, Indian dance fitness, joint gymnastics and holding personal consultations for women within own project “Happiness inside us”.

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