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Ekaterina Seliverstova


Ekaterina Seliverstova began her dance training in 1991 at the Indian Embassy's Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre ( under the tutelage of Smt. Shakti Roberts. Four years later, by recommendation of JNNC she went to Delhi to continue her education there. After five years she graduated from the “Kathak Kendra” - the leading National Institute of Kathak dance in India (

She had studied there under one of the greatest exponents of Jaipur style of Kathak, Smt. Urmila Nagar-ji. Besides her training in dance she had studied the art of playing Tabla and Pakhawaj as well as yoga, vocal and dance theory.

As a student she had participated in many cultural programs and festivals in India, choreographed by Smt. Urmila Nagar, under the auspices of her Institute.

In 1999 Ekaterina gave her first solo performance at one of prestigious festivals of India at the time of Shiva-ratri celebrations in Chidambaram. In the same year she had returned back to Russia. Upon her return she had resumed her teaching career and at the same time engaged in cultural and concert activity in Moscow and other cities.

Today she is an experienced teacher, remarkable choreographer and a regular jury member at the number of Indian dance festivals and competitions. She heads the "Chakkar" dance school and is a member of the “Nritya Sabha” Foundation.







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