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Vera Krishnaraj

 Vera Krishnaraj is the exponent of Indian classical dance Kuchipudi, teacher and choreographer in the Foundation of Indian Cultural Heritage Studies "Nritya Sabha", founder of “Natyalayam” – school of Kuchipudi dance in Moscow.

  Dance had come   in Vera’s life at the age of five. Exactly at this time she started to practice Russian folk dance in the State group, where she became one of the main dancers for 9 years. After finishing the school Vera Krishnaraj joined the University of Oriental Studies.  At the same time she also got to know meditation by  Sahaja Yoga method and begun actively practice it and learn the cultural heritage of India. Thanks to Sahaja Yoga and her establisher Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi she got very deep understanding of Indian culture and its spiritual heritage.  In the 1996 Vera attended the the conserts of indian culture in Moscow where she saw amazing dance of Vempati Ravi Shankar live. She got very inspired and wrote a letter to the greatest Guru of Kuchipudi Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam with the request to except her as a student in ”Kuchipudi Art Academy”  ( .  She got a positive replay and came to India, Madras city.

    Already after less than one year of hard learning and practicing with full dedication under the direct teaching of  Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam and with his blessings Vera had her first stage performance and she became a member of concert group of  ”Kuchipudi Art Academy”.  Next several years past in the full dedication to  dance, mastering details of this beautiful art, hours-long trainings under the guadence  of Guru ji and his son Vempati Ravi Shankar.  During these years as a member of concert group she participated in various performances given by the Academy in many cities of India such as Trivandrum, Chennai, Kanyakumari, Vaysakapatan, Hyderabad, Bombay and etc.  Also in the yearly festivals of culture - “Mammallapuram Dance Festival” and “Madras Music Season”.  In 1998 Vera Krishnaraj has given performance in Ganapatipule (India) in the presence of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and the audience of 10000 people.

    Apart of studying theory of dance in the Academy and Sanskrit language in” Sanskrit College”  she past a course of Carnatic Music and Nattuvangam under  the guidance of Bhagavatula Sita Rama Sharma.

  After completing the course in Academy Vera Krishnaraj came back to Russia. From 2001 she had started to teach Kuchipudi dance in the Cultural Center of Indian Embassy (JNCC) n Moscow  Also, she had established “Natyalayam” dance school.

   Vera and her students regularly took part in cultural programs of Indian Embassy. In 2003 students of Natyalayam had given first solo concert.  In 2004 Vera participated in the first staging of Nritya Sabha Fondation  “Panch Bhooth”.  During these years she gave a lot of performances in various cities of Russia and other countries such as India, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Armenia, Chekh Republic, Spain and etc. She and her students participated in staging new ballets by Nritya Sabha Foundation.

   Every year Vera Krishnaraj is organizing master classes of leading Guru and choreographer of Kuchipudi style at the present time in India ay Kishore Mosalikanti.  And in May 2016 she with the support of JNCC and Indian Embassy  had organized the performance of Jay Kishore and Padmavani  Mosalikanti in Music Hall where she performed with them on one stage.

    In 2016 Vera had a chain of performances in India. She was invited to dance on the occasion of the Centenary Year Celebration of Benares Hindu University (  Her performance was highly appreciated and rewarded by the dance and music professors of the University and was covered by media.  She also had performed in Allahabad sharing the stage with the art teachers of Allahabad University.  In the same year Vera participated in the cultural program organized by BRICS in Moscow.

  In December 2018 Vera Krishnaraj was invited by Padma Shree Pratibha Prahlad to participate in Delhi International Art Festival (DIAF) which is very significant in the art field of India.

   In January 2019 Vera became a part of monthly tour in Mexico.  13 cities, about 25 performances she was expressing the beauty of Indian Culture with wonderful artists from India, Italy and Poland and Colombia.


  Vera has got a special skill to open the hearts of the audience as her soul and body become one with the sounds of music. Her dance is filled with spirituality and heist joy.







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